Full-Service Lube

Your Full, 15-Point Lube Service

The full-service lube is our most popular offer and is usually complete in 10 minutes or less. Not only will you have your oil changed by the professionals at Lube-It, we'll also check all the necessary fluids, vacuum your car's interior, and handwash all windows! See below for a list of included services. Visit our coupons page to get a $5-off special!

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What's Included In The 15-Point Service?

1. Change your oil.
We change your oil with up to 5 quarts of 5w30, 10w30, or 15w40. An additional charge applies for each quart over 5 quarts. You may also bring your own oil. Mobil 1 and Pennzoil Platinum are available.
2. Install a new oil filter.
We will replace your oil filter with a brand new oil filter. Original manufacturers' oil filters may be available at an additional cost.
3. Lubricate your whole chassis.
We will lubricate your whole chassis. We will grease Zerk fittings on the vehicle as recommended by manufacturers.
4. Check and fill your transmission fluid.
We will check and fill your transmission fluid. We will fill your transmission to the proper level with the correct type of fluid. We recommend that you service your transmission at regular intervals.

5. Check and fill your differential fluid.
We will check and fill your differential fluid with the proper type of fluid to correct your fluid level if required. Please remember to service your differential at proper intervals.
6. Check and fill your brake fluid.
We will check and fill your brake fluid to its proper level. WARNING: Low brake fluid level is an indication of worn brake pads, which may need to be replaced.
7. Check and fill you power steering fluid.
We will check and fill your power steering fluid to its proper levels.
8. Check and fill your battery.
We will check and fill your battery fluid if it is needed.
9. Check your air filter.
We will check your air filter and let you know if it needs replacement. Additional charges apply for replacing your air filter.
10. Check your wiper blades.
We will check your windshield wiper blades for tears and condition. Replacement wiper blades are available for an additional charge.

11. Inflate your tires to proper pressure.
We will check and inflate your tires to the manufacturers' recommended pressures.
12. Vacuum your interior floor.
We will vacuum the carpeted floor areas inside your vehicle.
13. Wash exterior windows!
14. ArmorAll your dashboard.
We will apply a protectant to the top of your dashboard.
15. Check and fill your window washer fluid.
We will fill your window washer fluid to its appropriate levels.

In And Out In Just 10 Minutes

Lube-It features our exclusive 10-minute oil change. Be in, be out, and be on your way. No appointment is necessary, so just stop by when it's convenient for you!
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